Woman attacked by dog remains in intensive care



CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. - A Cleveland County woman is still in intensive care after she was attacked by a dog.

The animal belonged to Patrece Ogle's daughter-in-law, Falesa Sessoms.

Sessoms surrendered Charlie, a pit bull that attacked Ogle, and two other dogs to animal control. Charlie will be put to sleep.

"I just want this nightmare to be over," Sessoms said.

Sessoms was in tears as she told Eyewitness News what she thinks set the dog off. She stood at the door of the home where Charlie attacked Ogle.

Ogle, 73, is on life support at Cleveland Regional Medical Center.

"The prognosis is not good," Sessoms said. "It's just not good."

Sessoms said she doesn't remember anything about the Tuesday attacks. She suffers from epilepsy and had several seizures that day.

She said she believes her mother-in-law was trying to help her during one of these seizures and Charlie, who was raised in the home from a premature pup, didn't understand.

"He just thought I was in distress and he bit her," Sessoms said.

The pit bull mix that often cuddled up next to Ogle on her bed became enraged. Charlie had bitten Ogle's face several times, as well as her throat and her leg. Her ear had to be surgically repaired.

Sessoms said she remembers waking up in the hospital and officers trying to mentally prepare her to see her mother-in-law.

"I could not believe my eyes. It's just a horrible, horrible thing," Sessoms said.

She said she would have never expected that from her dog.

"Pit bulls are very unpredictable," she said.

Sessoms says she wants desperately to talk to her mother-in-law again.

"Thank you for helping me, Mom, and I'd tell her I love her," Sessoms said.

Sessoms said she still loves dogs, all dogs, but right now she is not sure if she will ever be able to welcome another dog into her home again.