• Police question woman who says she was carjacked

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman who told police she was robbed and kidnapped will not be charged for filing a false police report after police found she made the story up.

    The woman told police she was carjacked by three people and forced to take money out of a Charlotte Metro Credit Union. She told the police afterward the suspects forced the woman to drive into South Carolina and let her out of the car near the welcome center off Interstate 77.

    However, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said she was giving conflicting versions of her story and the events as she initially portrayed them did not occur.

    Police said the woman was involved in a scam with the three suspects, and voluntarily removed cash from her account at the credit union on Ardrey Kell.

    Police said once she discovered the entire incident involved a hoax/scam, she concocted a story involving the kidnapping and robbery.

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