• Woman to return, run in Boston Marathon year after bombings

    By: Erica Bryant


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman is anxiously counting down the hours until the Boston Marathon.
    She ran last year and has had to fight her way back overcoming mental scars from the tragedy and a serious personal injury.
    A photo shows Emily Hansen last year, jumping for joy after completing the Boston Marathon with one of her best times.
    “Our phones were blowing up people saying, ‘Are you done? Are you safe?’” she said.
    She was already back at her hotel room when the city was rocked by the bombing.
    “I've never been a war zone, but to me it looked like what a war zone would be,” she said.
    Stunned by the tragedy, she vowed to return, until a setback last June. While climbing a rock quarry on vacation she fell 20 feet down a ravine and shattered her ankle.
    There are photos of her in rehab and showing the titanium pieces.
    “They put in 13 pieces of titanium to hold my ankle together and as it healed and all I could think about was, 'Will I ever be able to run again?'” Hansen said.
    She is now back on her feet after months of grueling rehab and even counseling inspired by stories of Nicole Gross and others who lost limbs who will be running.
    “My accident seemed like nothing in comparison and I wanted to fight to go back for people like that,” Hansen said.
    When she comes full circle and sees that finish line come Monday, Hansen said she is wondering “Are there going to be armed guards along the fencing? I don't know what it will be like, but I know it will be a sweet moment.”

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