• Action 9: Man claims washer bought on Craigslist was faulty

    By: Don Griffin


    ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - Bryant York was in need of a washer and dryer set, so he took to Craigslist.com to find one, only now he regrets ever making that decision.

    York purchased the set from A1 Services and Appliance Repair of Salisbury for $350. Just two weeks after he brought it home, the washer broke. 

    "Everything comes out soaking wet," said York. 

    York said they gave him a six-month warranty but when he called the owner, Dan Savercool, for repairs, he never showed up. 

    "(He) never showed up, I called him several times," said York.

    York is not the only dissatisfied A1 customer. Jack and Judy Gunterman said they paid Savercool $181 to the back in January for a dishwasher part.

    Jack Gunterman said Savercool took the dishwasher's computer board and never came back. They were forced to buy another dishwasher.

    "I was very upset; I was ready to go after him with a baseball bat," said Gunterman.

    Action 9 went looking for Savercool and eventually found him in rural area in Rowan County. 

    After initially telling Action 9 to leave, he eventually said he would satisfy his unhappy customers. 

    "I'll fix everything, I don't have a problem with that, I'll fix the problem or give their money back or whatever. 

    After two weeks, York and Gunterman said Savercool still has not paid them for anything. 

    "Be careful because this guy will take your money," said Gunterman. 

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