Mother says daughter accused in high-speed police chase learned to drive at age 3



ERWIN, N.C. - Mysti Potter admitted she is not surprised to find out her daughter was arrested after a high-speed police chase Monday night because her daughter has been driving since she was a toddler.

Potter told a reporter, "she's been driving since she was three.”  The reporter asked, “since what?” “Since she was three I started teaching her to drive," said Potter.

Police say Potter’s 14-year-old daughter was in a stolen car.

"But I wasn't expecting her to do this," she said.

Police said her daughter and three other girls are accused of leading officers on a two-state chase. There were moments during the chase the girls were driving without tires.

"I've always told them if you get pulled over then you pull over," said Potter.

Police in Erwin, Tennessee said she did not stop until the Jeep crashed into a pole in Asheville.

A witness to the chase, John Phillips, said, "If I would've looked up in my mirror two seconds later I probably would've been side-swiped or rear-ended. Kinda woke me up and made the rest of the drive to work like, wow."

Phillips was caught right in the middle of it all.

"By the time I got out of the lane the car was probably within four, maybe five feet of me," recalled Phillips.

When a reporter compared Potter’s 14-year-old to a NASCAR driver, Potter replied, “Yea, that's what the police in Erwin were saying."

Mysti Potter's daughter is in jail she and a second girl face multiple felony charges in Madison County.

The other two girls were released to their parents without charges. All four could face charges back in Tennessee.