New warrant reveals more stolen goods found on Jeremy Mayfield's property


HUDSON, N.C.,None - A new search warrant revealed police may have found stolen furniture on former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield's property.

It says back in February, Mayfield and another man were in a truck behind a business in Hudson around 3 a.m..

According to the search warrant, officers asked Mayfield what he was doing behind the business in February. Mayfield told them he and a friend had purchased a truck in Tennessee, got tired and stopped to rest. That same day the company reported that several trailers were stolen with 70 pieces of furniture.

Eyewitness News was with police on Wednesday after they recovered some of the furniture they believe was in those trailers. Officers found the furniture in a trailer next to Mayfield's home.

Earlier this month, investigators said they found drugs on Mayfield's property. During that investigation, officers spotted the trailer with furniture inside and that lead to Wednesday's search.

"The investigation is not over. We are still looking for more property. No charges have been filed. We anticipate this investigation will continue for some time," said Hudson police chief, Andy Day.

Mayfield has not been charged in connection with any of the property seized from his home.

He does face a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine after police said they found some in his home.