Posted: 5:53 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ohio case gives new hope to family of local missing woman


Eyewitness News spoke to a local family Tuesday that knows what waiting for answers is like in a missing person case.

Eyewitness News showed Tesla Rush video of the discovery of three missing women in Ohio. She saw people celebrating in the streets.

The excitement there gave her new reason to be hopeful here.

“I can say, ‘Look, these women were found after 10 years.’ My sister has only been gone for five. We never know what can happen,” Rush said.

Jamie Fraley, 22, disappeared from her apartment near Gastonia in June 2008. Her purse and keys were in the locked home.

Her cell phone was found on the side of a road nearby, leading police to believe she was abducted.

“One day she will be found and brought home to us,” Rush said.

Rush said one thing touched her about the news in Ohio.

Neighbors there didn't suspect that three women were being held in that home. The person police are questioning was considered a family man, who was kind to neighborhood children.

“Maybe this will open the public's eye about trusting and keeping their eyes open for some kind of clue and help other people,” Rush said.

She said the clue everyone has overlooked may be the one that brings her sister home.

Gaston County police said it has been months since they have had information about the disappearance of Fraley. They said right now, any new lead is welcome.

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