Posted: 6:04 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teen's drowning brings back disturbing memories for another family

Scene of water rescue in Mooresville
Iredell Emergency Management officials said a water rescue is in progress for a teen in a quarry off Oak Ridge Farm Road.


Charlotte dive team assisting in rescue


The drowning of an North Carolina State University student at a Mooresville quarry was surely devastating for his family, but the drowning also brought back disturbing memories for a family who also lost their son at the same farm 13 years ago.

Lamar Pinkson’s sister, Shanna, told Channel 9 her family is worried this may happen again.

Lamar Pinkson was working at Carrigan Farms 13 years ago as a YMCA camp counselor when he went under and never came back up.

It’s the same thing witnesses said happened to Ryan Hayes, 19, on Tuesday.

Lamar’s cousin Antonio McConnuighey said his family has been fighting to close the swimming hole ever since.

“It could have been prevented, had something been done when Lamar passed, this would have been prevented,” said Antonio.

Shanna said her mother is an emotional wreck, reliving her son’s death.

“She is torn to pieces right now,” Shanna said.

Her mother, Constance, told Channel 9 on the phone she believes irrigation pumps used to water crops create a dangerous current in the quarry.

The owner of Carrigan Farms declined to talk to Channel 9 on camera out of respect for the family.

He admitted there are irrigation pumps that take water out of the quarry, but said they are never turned on when people are swimming.

The family said he doesn’t want the entire farm closed, just the swimming area.

They said Lamar drowned when his son Miguel, now 13, was just a baby.

“Miguel doesn’t have any memories of his dad. He doesn’t know anything about his dad,” Constance said.

The family said they don’t want another child to lose their father before they even know him.

The owner of the farm said he had a long talk with rescuers about how he can make his swimming area safer.

He couldn’t say if he will change anything, but he plans to keep it open.

Statement from Carrigan Farms: We are devastated by the loss of life today, June 11th 2013.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased. We ask for your prayers during this difficult time and also ask that the privacy of those grieving be respected.  Our hearts are broken.

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