Posted: 3:51 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

Prep work begins on I-485 widening project

Work begins on I-485 widening project
Work begins on I-485 widening project

By Scott Wickersham


After years of waiting, dirt is being moved for the widening of Interstate 485.

It is just a little dirt, but it's a symbolic beginning of the end of traffic.

Eyewitness News found crews digging Thursday to find utility lines and mark them. A worker said they need to know where they are to install a new storm drain system under the wider highway.

Other workers are taking soil samples or putting up survey markers.

This spring, they will use those markers to widen the highway to three lanes in each direction. They will also add the flyover bridge from Johnston Road Northbound to the inner loop in Ballantyne.

Drivers are happy to hear it.

"I'm looking forward to that new overpass and the widening. I'm just dreading the construction time." said Raleigh Rossow.

There will be pain now, but relief when it's done in December 2014 -- relief some say is long overdue.

King Salemnl calls the area the worst he's seen.

"I have been in Philadelphia, Boston, and that's probably one of the worst areas of traffic I have ever seen," he said.
There will be some lanes closures at night on the highway, Johnston Road and Westinghouse Boulevard.


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