• Police: Domestic arguments spark wild ride on trunk, standoff

    By: Tina Terry


    THOMASVILLE, N.C. - A man first seen clinging to a car on Interstate 77 in Charlotte a few weeks ago faced a judge Wednesday for charges stemming from a five-hour standoff with police in Davidson County that happened Tuesday.

    WATCH: Cell phone video captures man on car
    Channel 9 reported on Tuesday night that police took Takeem Leverett into custody in Thomasville.
    Police told Eyewitness News reporter Tina Terry that his wild ride on the car and the standoff stemmed from an argument with the same woman.
    His girlfriend Taneshia Conyers told police she and Leverett were at a Charlotte shoe store when he grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground.
    Police said she tried to drive away but he jumped onto the back of her car.
    Witnesses said they saw him use his fist to break through the back window.
    Leveritt is facing a host of charges in Charlotte for that incident including assault and felony restraint but on Wednesday, he faced a judge in Davidson County for this standoff with police.
    They said the standoff stemmed from an argument between Leverett and Conyers also.
    Police said the couple got into a fight in a Thomasville house Tuesday and he hit her.

    She called a women's shelter and they contacted police.

    Conyers got away, but police said Leverett was holed up in the house with a gun.

    They said he finally came out after talking to his mother on the phone and requesting cigarettes.

    In court Leverett told a judge he didn't touch his girlfriend.

    His bond was set at $250,000.

    He'll soon be brought to Charlotte to face the other charges.


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