• NC to increase starting teacher pay by 13 percent over next 2 years


    RALEIGH - North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and top legislative leaders gathered at McCrory's old high school Monday to lay out a public education plan that will include higher pay for starting teachers.

    Gov. Pat McCrory announced Monday at Ragsdale High School that the state will increase starting teacher pay by $2,200 this year and by an additional $2,000 the following year.

    "There's no greater investment we can make than in preparing our kids for the future, and there's no question that high-quality teachers lead to better student achievement," said McCrory.

    Historically, North Carolina's starting teacher pay has been noncompetitive.

    Under the new plan, teachers just beginning their careers will receive a more than 13 percent raise over the next two years, with starting salaries moving from the current base rate of $30,800 to $35,000. 

    State leaders intend to announce pay increases for more teachers and state employees as the revenue outlook becomes clearer.

    A petition has surfaced Monday for teachers who were not included in McCrory’s announcement. Click here to view the peititon.

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