• NC Attorney General Cooper considering run for Governor


    CHARLOTTE - North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said Wednesday he is making plans to run for governor, but he also said he is not ready to make it official.

    Blair Miller spoke with Cooper while he was in Charlotte Wednesday. He said he’s deeply concerned about the direction that North Carolina is taking.

    A new poll released Tuesday showed the polling group tends to lean Republican, but it looked at a potential matchup between Cooper and Gov. McCrory.

    It found that if the race were held now, McCrory would win by six points. Cooper would not talk about the poll, but he did say there are specific things he is concerned about on a state level.

    “I don’t think we’re paying enough attention to economic recruitment. We’re cutting back in public education. We’re not doing enough to pay our teachers to educate our kids and I’m concerned about that,” Cooper said.

    The election is more than two years away. Cooper simply believes it’s too far away to start officially campaigning.

    Eyewitness News reached out to advisors for McCrory Wednesday. They fired back at Cooper, saying “The attorney general should concentrate more on his day job and not his persistent campaigning for governor.”

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