N.C. family spends Christmas in hotel following fire


REIDSVILLE, N.C. - A North Carolina family spent their Christmas in a hotel after a fire destroyed their house.

The community is coming together to help the family during the holiday season.

Normally, Christmas Day is at 72-year-old Judy Wilson's house in Reidsville and all of those years that house are where she lived.

"My grandparents live there and then my mother and daddy moved there," said Wilson.

Friday morning, she was coming home from the store.

"I pulled over and asked two men who looked like they were volunteer firemen and I said is it 320 Lindsey Street, and they said what is your name? When I told them, they said it is your house," said Wilson.

Her grandson and son were inside the house and were able to make it out.

"If this fire, if it had happened in the morning, any time after 10 or 12 we would not be here to talk about it," said Wilson.

A lot of stuff was unable to escape the fire, many memories were lost.

"My daughter died. She would have been dead two years in Jan. 19 and I had a lot of her things," said Wilson. "There was a picture in the living room that had been there forever I think. It was old. I wish I would get that," said Wilson.

Michelle Patterson is Wilson's mail carrier, and she is now a coordinator working with the community to help out.

"Just knowing what that family had gone through this close to Christmas was just really devastating for them and it was hard for us to see that," said Patterson.

From a hotel lobby, this Christmas is simpler but has put things into perspective.

"Christmas is not about the hustle and bustle. It is actually about having your family," said Wilson.