• Police release identity of man found dead in home

    By: Sarah Rosario


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said a man was found dead in southwest Charlotte Tuesday night.

    Police said the Alfred Michael Smith, 52, was found dead by his caregiver.

    On Wednesday afternoon, Channel 9 saw detectives leaving the house next door to where the man was found dead. Channel 9 tried to talk to the homeowners but they said they were told not to speak to the media.

    Meanwhile, people who live on Red Hickory Lane are on edge. Some said they’re worried about their safety now that they know an accused murderer is on the run.

    “It’s just shocking that something like that happened here,” said Debbie Jobe.

    Authorities said a caregiver found Smith's body Tuesday night when she went to check on the man.

    Police said when they got on scene they found obvious signs of foul play.

    In the police report, under weapons, “blunt object” is  listed. We tried to get specifics about what type of blunt object but police said they couldn’t give more information about it.

    Neighbor Debbie Jobe said she last saw Smith on Friday.

    “He was out cutting his grass. He was on his riding lawn mower, and my neighbor said she saw him too and said she waved to him,” said Jobe.

    Neighbors said Smith was recently in rehab and had been sick for months. They fear whoever did this to him may have been someone from there. A police source confirmed that is something they are looking into.

    Police have said they cannot release any more information about the case because they don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.

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