Police search for man who attacked florist who refused to hand over wedding ring



ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - A Rowan County wife and mother who was robbed at gunpoint spoke to Eyewitness News about the incident Friday.

The employee at Custom Creations by Tina, a Moorseville flower shop, brought her 7-year-old daughter to work with her Wednesday when the crime happened.

She asked Eyewitness News not to show her face and only to refer to her by her first name. Crystal said
she was headed out to a smoke break when she first spotted the gunman.

"As soon as I opened the back door he was standing there and I seen that he had a gun," she said.

The gunman was wearing a black mask and gloves.

"He asked me who else is here and I said, 'My daughter, she's 7, please don't hurt her,' " she said.

The gunman forced Crystal inside and asked her to put her daughter in a bathroom. He demanded money from the store, her purse, and then asked for the one thing she was unwilling to give away.

"He said give me your ring, too, and it just came out. I said, 'Hell, no,' and that's when he hit me and I fell to the ground and that's when he got on top of me and started hitting me over and over," she said.

Finally, she gave up her wedding ring. The gunman ran out of the store and left her with a black eye, distorted vision and bruises to her face.

She said she was grateful that her daughter survived, but she was deeply upset about the loss of her keepsake.

Eyewitness News contacted the sheriff's office to find out if they had any leads in the case but didn't hear back from them Friday night.