Patrick Cannon wins Charlotte mayor race

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The race for the next Charlotte mayor has been decided.

Democratic candidate Patrick Cannon beat out Republican candidate Edwin Peacock in the race for Charlotte mayor.

Peacock called in his concession to Cannon around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The final results were Cannon with 50,768 votes (53 percent) to Peacock's 44,922 votes (47 percent)

In his victory speech, Cannon said,  "Thank you. Thank you Charlotte. As much as I am happy, I am so humbled."

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Cannon also admitted to Channel 9 that he got a bit nervous when the race closed to within 1,000 votes well into the evening.

By the time he took the podium after an introduction by former Charlotte mayor Harvey Gantt, Cannon was all smiles.

As the crowd chanted, “Patrick, Patrick,” he said becoming mayor elect was a lifelong goal.

He praised his opponent, Edwin Peacock, for running a solid race.

Election results can be found on mobile here and on the web here.

After his speech, Cannon spoke to Channel 9 about what his priorities will be once he takes office.

“(The) airport is going to be one, tackling the unemployment rate is going to be another. Being able to make sure we’re working on relationships with Raleigh is going to be one of those,” Cannon said.

Cannon said he wants to savor this moment and plans to get away with his family for a few days.

He said when he gets back he'll be ready to move the city forward.

Election Day

Pat Cannon went from precinct to precinct Tuesday afternoon, as he said, "shaking the tree" for as many votes as he can get.

His campaign for mayor was low-key for the most part. He spent money on billboards and a few TV ads and sparred at multiple forums with his opponent.

But he said that he and Peacock have texted each other with good wishes.

In these final hours he's feeling pretty calm.

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"It's been a long run," Cannon said. "A good run, but a very long run, having both a primary and the general election for us."

Peacock is had a watch party just a few miles away in the Dilworth neighborhood.

Cannon and his wife cast their votes Tuesday morning at the Community House Middle School around 10 a.m. Peacock cast his ballot last week at Morrison Regional Library in Southpark.

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