Rev. Al Sharpton reacts to Romney's vice presidential pick during stop in Charlotte

by: Tenikka Smith Updated:


Reverend Al Sharpton did not mince words when giving his thoughts on Paul Ryan being chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate.

Sharpton said, "I think that Paul Ryan represents a budget that is anti-senior.  I think it will appeal to the right wing of the Republican party."

Sharpton was in Charlotte, appearing on a panel of guests for a special summit hosted by Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Sharpton, who is a member of the fraternity, spoke out against hazing and violence within fraternities and sororities.

He also took a moment to talk about voter ID laws, that he believes leads to voters being disenfranchised.

Sharpton's organization, National Action Network, has launched a nationwide tour to fight voter ID laws.

"If you take a state like this where President Obama won by a small margin, he could lose this state just by the difference of who has got ID's to go vote."

Sharpton said having the ability to vote in November's election is key now that Romney's VP pick is on the table and the real battlelines are drawn.

Sharpton said, "It will be a clear battle of 'do you want a country that takes care of its seniors and takes care of the needy or do you want a country that takes care of the rich and have everybody else sacrificed to pay for?"

After Charlotte, Sharpton's National Action Network voting rights tour is meeting with church leaders in Augusta, Georgia.