• Poll shows best match-up in Gov. race for Dems is Bowles


    RALEIGH, N.C.,None - The race for North Carolina governor is wide open after Gov. Bev Perdue withdrew her name from the race. For the first time, a new poll released shows how the possible candidates stack up against each other.

    Public Policy Polling asked how each likely Democratic Candidate could do against Republican Pat McCrory.

    Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton said he was running for the highest executive office in the state. Polls found McCrory leads Dalton by 15 points.

    Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx is also being considered a possible candidate. If the race came down between two men who had formerly sat in the Charlotte mayor’s chair, the poll shows Foxx trails McCrory by 18 points.

    If former UNC system president Erskine Bowles steps into the race, polls between him and McCrory are at a virtual tie. McCrory would hold a narrow 2-point lead over Bowles if the election was held today.

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