Queen City makes room for Hollywood productions



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - For years, the once-thriving Eastland Mall has sat empty as debate swirls around what to do with the space.

Eyewitness news Erica Bryant found there is talk of turning the old mall into a slice of Hollywood in Charlotte.

The Sears could very well be turned into a sound stage, the Firestone transformed into a film studio and Belk re-worked into a back lot. This would be the perfect setup to produce television and film in the Queen City.

Charlotte City Council is considering the idea of making the mall the city's calling card for production companies. The decision would solidify the area as a magnet for big shows.

Charlotte has already hosted television productions like "The Bachelorette," "Homeland",  "Banshee" and a major blockbuster, "The Hunger Games."

In one proposal, the city would purchase the vacant mall for $13.2 million and buy out the many individual owners on the site so the 90-acre property could be one entity for use.

If executed properly, the concept could be the perfect fit making room for attractive incentives.

North Carolina recently approved a 25 percent tax credit to any production spending over $250,o00 dollars in the state.