Rock the Red expected to take place week of DNC in Charlotte

by: Torie Wells Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Democratic National Convention is just a few weeks away, and more information is emerging about another event that will be held that same week.  It's called Rock the Red, and organizers say it's an alternative to what the Democrats have to offer.

They have billboards in Charlotte and ads on the radio.

Rock the Red will be held at the Bojangles Coliseum on Sept. 5. They are bringing in not just political speakers but also big performers like the Charlie Daniels Band.

Jason Lambert and Tracie Hoefl are organizing the event.

"We're not aligned with anyone. We just want to be heard," said Hoefl.

They started a political action committee to bolster excitement for conservatives while the Democrats are in town.

"This movement to me is about getting out the vote. It's not about President Obama. It's about rallying our troops," said Lambert.

Political expert Dr. Michael Bitzer says that is what this election will come down to.

"It's all about get the base out and energized and anything you can do, even if it's a rock concert, hey more power to you," said Bitzer.

He says the polls show the race is pretty evenly divided, and North Carolina will be important for Mitt Romney.

"If he can't win North Carolina, realistically, there is not a chance of him winning the White House," said Bitzer.

He's not convinced this event will win over independents or new voters, but he says it will draw attention and could excite conservatives to get to the polls, which something that's needed in a race where not all Republicans love their option.

"Conservatives are fired up, but it's not necessary for Romney," said Bitzer.

Lambert and Hoefl hope to sell out the coliseum and show that conservatives can have fun too.

"We can bring the entertainment aspect to it and lighten up the air," said Hoefl.

"Your vote does count, and that is what this is about," said Lambert.

WSOC-TV contacted to CMPD to ask about a police presence for the event. The department said it was aware of it, but isn't releasing plans yet. Organizers say there will be security for the event itself.