South Carolina to reap benefits of DNC



COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina will play a major role in making sure the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte will be a success.

Steve Kerrigan, the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee, addressed the party’s faithful during the South Carolina Democratic Convention Saturday in Columbia.

A major part of Kerrigan’s speech was aimed at energizing party members about the national convention in September.  He said the Palmetto State will benefit just as much as the Tarheel State.

“The South Carolina Democratic Party is a huge part of our regional approach to our Carolina convention,” Kerrigan said.

He said South Carolina will also reap economic benefits from the convention.

About 1,100 hotels in South Carolina are contracted for the convention. Restaurants will also benefit from the extra business.  

Kerrigan also addressed the 62 newly elected delegates who will represent South Carolina during the DNC.  He said they will play a critical role in achieving the party’s goals.

“They are amped up and ready to come to Charlotte and to the Carolinas to make sure they do their part.  They will help the president in any way possible and they help Democrats up and down the ballot, and then when they get back to their home state after the convention they will have the drive to make sure we have victory across the board in November,” Kerrigan said.

Kerrigan said preparation for the DNC is either on time or ahead of schedule.

Convention organizers, however, have remained quiet about how much money has been raised. The party's new rules for fundraising have limited individual contributions as well as banned large corporate donations. 

In recent weeks, there have been reports from the Wall Street Journal that suggested the DNC organiers are roughly $20 million short of the $36.6 million goal.