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Best & Worst Routes To Bank Of America Stadium

Traffic for a Carolina Panthers’ game can be hard to predict. In addition, fans not familiar with Uptown can find themselves lost in the maze of one-way streets and tall skyscrapers.

To make your drive to and from Panthers’ games easier to handle, Traffic Team 9 has researched some of the best and worst routes to and from Bank of America Stadium.


According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and the Charlotte Department of Transportation, I-77 to the John Belk Freeway/Exit 9 is one of the least-utilized routes on game day. Once on the John Belk Freeway, fans may use the Carson Blvd. exit, College St. exit, or Caldwell St. exit to access parking areas within a short walking distance of the stadium.

Morehead St. has the best access to nearby parking lots, but is often slow due to heavy pedestrian traffic before and after games. Morehead St. can be accessed from I-77 South (Exit 10), John Belk Freeway (the Carson Blvd. exit to Mint St.), or from Providence Rd. in south Charlotte (take Providence Rd. to Queens Rd. to Morehead St.).

The Charlotte Department of Transportation recommends 4th St. as the best route from south Charlotte. Access 4th St. from either Providence Rd. or Randolph Rd. Parking is available as soon as Davidson St. (roughly a 10 minute walk), or follow 4th St. to Church St., Poplar St., or Mint St. for closer, but more congested, parking.


Portions of Graham St. and Stonewall St. are closed on game day. While both streets offer very convenient parking, fans should remember there will be extended delays leaving the game due to heavy pedestrian traffic.

Tryon St. is one of the most congested routes on game day. Heavy pedestrian traffic, numerous traffic signals, and other attractions cause traffic to crawl. Church St. or College St. are suggested as alternate routes.

Trade St. is also very slow on game day. 3rd St. or 4th St. are recommended as alternate routes.

Fans should also expect congestion at the intersection of 5th St. at College St., and 6th St. at College St. Several bars located in that area that are popular for post-game celebrations.


Thanks to tailgaters and other festivities, pre-game traffic is usually spread out and backups are seen only in the immediate vicinity of Bank of America Stadium. However, after the game, most fans leave immediately, creating much larger backups.

The best way to avoid post-game backups is to not park in the immediate vicinity of Bank of America Stadium. The Charlotte Department of Transportation says that fans parking closest to the stadium are usually the last to be able to leave the area. Fans who park within a 5-10 minute walk of the stadium are able to make a much quicker exit.

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