Teen Recovering After 100-Foot Cliff Jump

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C.,None - A 17-year-old Gastonia teenager is recovering after being injured in a jump off a 100-foot cliff in Kings Mountain.

A cell phone video shows the teenager leaping off the cliff. She landed in the shallow part of the water, fracturing ribs and hurting her spine.

CELL PHONE VIDEO: Woman Injured After 100-Foot Plunge

In the video, Chelsea Ball can be heard praying for friends who took the 100-foot plunge first.

"Dear Lord, please watch over them. Amen," she says.

She then recorded her own proclamation of how dangerous jumping off the cliff is.

"My name is Chelsea Diane Ball, and I told them not to do it," she said.

Then, a few minutes later, someone captured video of her jumping. It went wrong, and she struggled to stand after hitting the shallow water.

"It felt like I got hit by a car," Ball said.

She landed a couple of feet from a deep underwater drop-off.

"Tell you the truth, I didn't think she was going to walk out of there," Ball's boyfriend, Tyla Cochran, said.

Ball was released from a hospital after just four hours. She said she survived for a reason.

"I want to know my purpose," she said. "There was a big purpose."

Ball and everyone else who was there that day were charged with trespassing on private property.

Emergency management workers said the property owner is going to put up "no trespassing" signs. However, the signs are often take down by trespassers, officials said.

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