Showers move through Charlotte Sunday

by: John Ahrens Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Showers already moved through the area Sunday morning, with a few rumbles of thunder near the Charlotte area.

The mountains have seen a little bit of that wet weather coming down as freezing rain, but no problems have been reported yet.

The threat for wet weather remains through the day Sunday. It's going to be a cold rain in Charlotte with temps in the mid-30s. It is not going to be an all-day event, but at any point Sunday we could see some light rain.

From the Interstate 40 corridor north and west through the mountains, there is the threat for freezing rain, which is where the winter weather advisories are.

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Some of the models don't have a lot of precipitation moving through the high country Sunday, as a result things might not see as much as far as freezing rain accumulating, but up to one-tenth of an inch is expected in some spots though.

Road crews are encouraging residents to still try and keep off the roads Sunday, because with any freezing rain developing it will lead to trees and power lines getting knocked down and therefore more power outages.

Sunday night warmer air starts to move in so any precipitation will switch over to rain. The unsettled weather sticks with us through Wednesday morning. It will be rain over the next few days, but no threat for winter weather as temperatures will be above the freezing mark.

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