Website for SC voters includes adult content in links



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A website intended to provide information on South Carolina elected officials included faulty links to adult websites.

The website is filled with information on dozens of South Carolina elected officials and candidates. However, when a link for Brian "Ryan B" Doyle is clicked, a congressional candidate in the 3rd district, a site for people looking for sex appeared.

"I just don't know why. It's a question that I can't answer and I guess it's a question that I need to have answered as well," said Doyle. 

Doyle said the inappropriate websites also appears if you are trying to log on to His real website is

He said his attorneys are working to track down the owner of the site.

They made it clear if the site is not taken down, he will file a lawsuit. 

Stephanie McGuire, a registered voter, thinks these technical problems may hurt candidates and potentially confuse voters. 

"It's definitely a big deal because you want to make sure what you are reading is accurate," McGuire said.

Requests for comment from the owner of the site were not returned.