Yarn for Team USA uniform dyed in Hickory

by: ABC NEWS Updated:

U.S. team uniforms were manufactured in the United States, a decision made in the wake of controversy over the Team USA outfits from the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ralph Lauren was heavily criticized for having manufactured the clothing in China. (Photo: Mike Stobe)

HICKORY, N.C. - ABC’s "Made in America" team discovered before the last Olympics that the opening ceremony uniforms for the United States were made in China.

The Sochi Olympics are just weeks away and for the first time Ralph Lauren is making the uniforms in America, including Longview Yarns in Hickory, N.C., where the yarn is dyed, according to ABC News reports.

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Ralph Lauren pledged to make all future uniforms in the U.S. after the uproar during the last Olympics opening ceremony.

There are more than 40 American partners designing, sourcing and manufacturing these uniforms in the U.S. and as a result more than $1 billion and hundreds of jobs now staying here.

The wool was transported from Oregon to Nazareth, Penn., to be spun and then to Hickory, where it was dyed.

The cotton is then shipped to California, where it's knitted together.