• Celebrate Memorial Day in an American-made car at Toyota of N Charlotte!


    Are you ready to show off your red, white, and blue this Memorial Day? Do your patriotic duty by getting behind the wheel of a N Charlotte Toyota that’s American made! Contrary to popular belief, quite a few of our cars are actually manufactured right here in the USA… and we’re ready to help you get into the driver’s seat of one in time for Memorial Day 2016! Let’s take a look!

    The 2016 Toyota Camry is American-made!

    Let’s start with the N Charlotte Toyota Camry – did you know that Cars.com rated it the most American-made car on the market? You heard right… and it beat out auto makes like Chevy, Ford, and GMC! However, it doesn’t just have the fact that it’s American-made working it its favor. It’s also a best-seller across the nation, and with good reason! Here are some of the reasons we’d put the 2016 Toyota Camry near Charlotte at the top of our must-have list:

    • It’s affordable! It has a starting MSRP of just $23,070! And that’s not even taking into consideration the incredible N Charlotte Toyota Camry deals we have on the table at our dealership.
    • It’s customizable. You’ll find that you have four trim-levels, three hybrid trim-levels, and even a Special Edition model to choose from this year! Talk about selection!
    • It’s performance-driven. You’ll find it up for grabs in a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder, powerful V6, and eco-friendly hybrid engine options! Tailor your drive time to fit your needs!
    • It’s reliable. Over 90% of all models sold in the past ten years are still out on the road, and it’s been the best-selling car in America for 18 of the last 19 years!

    Toyota of N Charlotte has a TON of American-made cars for you to shop!

    Sounds like a pretty solid bet, right? However, if you’re not the BIGGEST fan of the new Toyota Camry near Charlotte, then you might want to take a peek at some of our other American-made cars. Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect when you shop Toyota!

    • The Toyota Camry is manufactured in two states – Indiana and Kentucky.
    • The Toyota Corolla is American-made! It’s manufactured in Mississippi.
    • The Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma are also both manufactured in the US of A – you can find them being produced at a plant in Austin, Texas!
    • The Toyota Avalon is manufactured in Kentucky.
    • The Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna, and Toyota Sequoia are manufactured alongside the N Charlotte Toyota Camry in Indiana.

    And you can thank Toyota for bringing a good number of jobs – over 365,000 – to America, as well as building 10 plants across the nation AND producing over a million vehicles during their time here!

    If you’re ready to buy American and get behind the wheel of a N Charlotte Toyota Camry or any of our other American-made cars, come on down and see us! We’re open all weekend, including Memorial Day, to ensure you find the perfect ride for you. Swing by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road! 

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