• 2011: Concord's B.J. Beecher named 'Big 22' player of the year


    CONCORD, N.C. - Concord High School erupted in cheers when Channel 9’s Tiffany Wright walked in to present the Big 22 Player of the Year award to quarterback B.J. Beecher.

    Wright presented Beecher the Big 22 Player of the Year trophy and the school a check for $5,000 for its scholarship fund.

    “It's crazy -- when I heard I won, they said, ‘We're having a whole pep rally just for you,’” Beecher said. “I was like, ‘Whoa! Just for me? That's crazy.’”

    It’s not so crazy when you consider his stats this season: 30 touchdowns and more than 2,300 yards passing while leading the Spiders to the playoffs. But his best attributes just might be off the field.

    “He's an even better young person,” Coach Glen Padgett said. “(He’s) excellent in the classroom (and) excellent in the community. (He’s) got a wonderful family support system and a family that has had a lot of success and been an integral part of the athletic system here at Concord High School for the last 10 years.”

    B.J.'s brother, Tommy, is one of the three Beechers who played quarterback at Concord and said his little brother is quite special

    “He's going to have so many opportunities in the future,” Tommy Beecher said. “It's exciting to talk about. My football career is over, so I'm going to live the rest of my football career out through him and, you know, stand from the sidelines.”

    And he's got another year to watch his brother at Concord. B.J. will be back next year, better, stronger and maybe even taller.

    “Hopefully I grow 1 inch more,” B.J. Beecher said. “You know, the tallest quarterback in college right now is 6’8” (and) I'm 6’7” so I'll have to get to that, hopefully.”

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