Akease Rankin



This is the Big 22 player profile for Mooresville High School running back Akease Rankin.

Name: Akease Rankin

City of birth: Mooresville

School: Mooresville High School

Position: RB

Akease Rankin Stats Sheet

Siblings:  Anna Rivera, Alexis McMillan and Tony McMillan

Favorite movie: Nemo

Most played song on iPod: Testify by August Alsina

TV show I DVR most: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite website: Hudl

Worst habit: Bite my nails

Talent I wish I had: Speed

What annoys you the most: Yelling

Favorite toy as a child: GI Joe

Three things on my bucket list: Play in the NFL, coach and be a G.O.A.T.

Favorite meal: Pop Tarts

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy: NFL Franchise

Most embarrassing thing ever happened during a game: I got hit so hard my helmet and contacts fell out.

Three things I would take to a desert island are: Pop Tarts, football and my compound bow

Favorite pro sports teams are: Vikings

Greatest moment on the field: Broke opponents ankles for a TD

One guilty pleasure is: Reading

Celebrity crush: Ronda Rusey

Three people I would love to have dinner with: Adrian Peterson, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton

My friends would be surprised to know/my most unique off the field talent: Dealing with kids

Next risk you plan to take: Trying out for the basketball team

Twitter or Facebook: @KeseNation