Big 22 profile - Rick Sandidge


City of birth: Concord, NC

School: Concord High School

Position: Defensive tackle, defensive end

Siblings: 2, Alexis Essex and Britany Sandidge

[Big 22 stats - Rick Sandidge]

My best physical feature is: Being tall

Favorite movie: Friday

Most played song on iPod: First Day Out

TV show I DVR most: N/A

Favorite website: 123 Movies

Worst habit: Slacking off

Talent I wish I had: To eat a lot and not gain so much weight

What annoys you the most: Something being said over and over again

Favorite toy as a child: Hot Wheels

Three things on my bucket list:  Make my parents proud, have a family, and take care of my family

Favorite meal: Mac and cheese

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy: Something that could help my family

Most embarrassing thing ever happened during a game: Catching a cramp, falling down, and getting back up only to fall back down

Three things I would take to a desert island are: Helicopter with gas/instructions, food, and a map

Favorite pro sports teams are: Green Bay

Greatest moment on the field: Blocking a field goal

One guilty pleasure is: N/A

Celebrity crush: Zendaya

Three people I would love to have dinner with: Lebron James, Martin Luther King Jr., and Kendrick Lamar

My friends would be surprised to know/my most unique off the field talent: Dancing

Next risk you plan to take: Going to college

If you could change one thing happening in the world, what would it be: Racism

Career goal after school/college: Clothing designer

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