Dupree Hart



This is the Big 22 player profile for Northwestern High School wide receiver Dupree Hart.

Name: Deangelo “Dupree” Hart

City of birth: Pineville

School: Northwestern High School

Position: WR

Dupree Hart Stats Sheet

Siblings: Dominique Hart

My best physical feature is: Smile (beautiful)

Favorite movie: Rush Hour

Most played song on iPod: Handsome and Wealthy by Migos

TV show I DVR most: Martin

Favorite website: dickssportinggoods.com

Worst habit: Nail biting

Talent I wish I had: Guitar player

What annoys you the most: When a person repeats themselves over and over

Favorite toy as a child: Football

Three things on my bucket list: Sky diving, cruise and mountain climbing

Favorite meal: Steak, baked potato and salad

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy: House

Most embarrassing thing ever happened during a game: Ran onto the field without a helmet

Three things I would take to a desert island are: Water, food and compass

Favorite pro sports teams are: Atlanta Falcons and Miami Heat

Greatest moment on the field: Making 22 catches in state championship game

One guilty pleasure is: Breaking curfew at home

Celebrity crush: Kim Kardashian

Three people I would love to have dinner with: Lebron James, Chris Tucker and Cam Newton

My friends would be surprised to know/my most unique off the field talent: Can play piano

Next risk you plan to take: Go bungee jumping

Twitter or Facebook: @dhart514/ Dupree Hart

If you could change one thing happening in the world, what would it be: War