Customize your new Toyota in NC with these crazy gadgets!


Even though you can find more than one new Toyota trim-level in NC on our lot, that doesn’t mean the new car will EXACTLY meet the style preferences you have! After all, it’s common for new car owners to want to customize the interior and exterior of their vehicle with additional features such as decals, unique floor mats and more!

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have a new Scion or a new Toyota in N Charlotte – customizing your vehicle is exceptionally easy! We have an incredible variety of Toyota Parts available at our dealership, but there are some options on the market that make it possible for drivers to customize their car in ways you might not have thought possible!

Would you want any of these features in your new Toyota?

It seems that cars can offer pretty much anything these days. Did you ever get a look at the special edition Toyota RAV4 in N Charlotte that was made specifically for athletes? This unique SUV seemed to come with everything, like massaging seats, a refrigerator, and even a shower! You don’t have to opt to get a special or customized new Toyota in N Charlotte if you want to customize your car, though. 

Just look at these new inventions that have become available recently! 

  • Espresso Maker: Do you love caffeine, but hating waiting in line or even going through the drive through? With the Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker, you don’t have to! This espresso maker comes in the form of a thermos that plugs into the 12V power outlet in your new Toyota in N Charlotte. After the water heats and you add the special coffee pod, fresh espresso can be ready for you to drink in just a few minutes!
  • Pizza Oven: Do you ever get hungry when you’re on the road? If the answer is yes, then you’re not the only one. With the Porta-Pizza Oven, you can bake a frozen pizza in your car, and even heat up chilled leftovers! While it’s not advised for the driver to do this while driving, passengers might enjoy this option – especially if they’re wanting to munch on something while using the entertainment system that can be found in the N Charlotte Toyota Sienna or Toyota Land Cruiser!

These are just a couple of options that have become available recently. There are even more crazy car inventions drivers can opt to use, like an LED car sign that lets you communicate with other drivers on the road!

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you customize your new Toyota!

Want to start adding your unique style to the car you own? We can help! Stop by and visit us to check out all the Toyota parts we have on location at our dealership. If you have any questions, our team members are here to help and can even order certain parts for you that you might be looking for!

So what’re you waiting for? Swing by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road today! 


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