Keep your new Toyota in N Charlotte in top condition; remember the small things!


Life gets hectic, and our N Charlotte Toyota dealership knows how easy it can be to accidentally let things slip through the cracks without meaning to! However, remembering to get routine maintenance on your new Toyota near Charlotte NC is important if you want a car that’s going to live a long and healthy life without costly repairs. Too often, we forget about the small things that need to be taken care of on our new Toyota, like windshield wipers and lights! You can always bring your car by our Charlotte Toyota service center to have us check them out for you, but Toyota of N Charlotte has tips to help you keep these elements in tip top shape! 

Keep an eye on your N Charlotte Toyota's windshield wipers!

First of all, your new Toyota near Charlotte’s windshield wipers are extremely important to performance, so make sure they don’t fall into disrepair. It’s pretty easy to replace them, so don’t put it off! Old or cracked windshield wipers can cause smearing and blurring on your windshield, cutting down your visibility even further in your new Toyota during rain or snow. If you think your wiper blades might not be functioning at their maximum capacity, replace them… or visit the Toyota of N Charlotte Service Center and we can do it for you! 

Another important aspect to remember to maintain on your N Charlotte Toyota is the headlights! Both headlights and taillights are integral to a safe driving experience! Headlights help to increase visibility, as well as alert other drivers to your presence on the road. The taillights on your new Toyota near Charlotte alert other drivers when you reduce your speed – obviously, they’re important! You should always replace a burnt out bulb as soon as possible (did we mention you can get a ticket for that?), and take care of your headlights and taillights. If the lenses seem hazy or yellowed,  you can always get them replaced at our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center. You can also use a soft rag to clean them, and apply car wax as instructed to give them a little extra protection!

Keep your A/C running cold with the N Charlotte Toyota Service Center 

A final element that you should take note of in your new Toyota in N Charlotte is your air-conditioning system! You might not even want to think about A/C in this chilly weather, but when summer rolls around you’ll be craving ice cold air in your N Charlotte Toyota. Be sure to stay on top of things like your refrigerant. It needs to be clean and full, and Toyota of N Charlotte can easily top it off for you during routine maintenance so your air conditioning runs efficiently!
If you have questions about keeping your new Toyota near Charlotte in excellent shape, give us a call! You can reach our service department at (888) 378-1214 and schedule an appointment at your convenience… don’t forget to ask about our car service specials, and we’ll see you soon!