• LOOKING AHEAD: Spring season looking warmer, wetter than average

    By: Christine Rapp


    CHARLOTTE, N.C - As we head out of one of our warmest winters on record, the trend looks to continue heading into the spring season.

    Charlotte is one of many cities across the Carolinas currently having both a top 10 warmest winter and year on record.  Temperatures have been unseasonably warm, with high temps staying above average for 83 percent of the year so far.

    A new outlook for both the month of March and the entire spring season was released earlier this week by the Climate Prediction Center.

    The new update gives the Carolinas a good chance of above average temperatures in March, April and May. Typically, high temperatures max out in the 60s and 70s through the spring months.

    The good news is the increased rain we have received since the start of the year. Charlotte is up to 6.83 inches this year, a 3 inch surplus compared to average.

    Precipitation forecasts for the upcoming month keep things wetter than average, a month that brings an average of 4.01 inches to the Queen City. 

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