• Duke Energy linemen pool money, donate to Steve's Coats


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - This weekend's storm could have line workers for Duke Energy working long hours and yet they've managed to keep kids warm, through Steve's Coats for Kids.

    WSOC’s annual coat drive is now underway, and some linemen from Duke Energy decided to help out in a big way.

    Duke Energy employees are rewarded for doing their jobs safely, every quarter, and this year they’ve decided to put the money towards Steve’s Coats.

    "We get a safety gift every year, this year we had $45 per line tech," Duke Energy line technician, Blake Sehen said.

    "This year we decided to take that money and give back to the community, and help somebody else," distribution line technician, Russell Manning said.   

    Everyone at Duke Energy's "Newell Operations Center" pooled to buy 150 coats.

    "The Newell team here, we all came together, we all decided to do it together," Sehen said.

    "As linemen we know what it's like to be out, and to be cold, and to need coats and need jackets so we wanted to give back to the community,” Manning said. "I think it really encompasses what being a lineman in a community is all about."

    These coats are now on their way to kids who desperately need them and each one will help a child stay warm in the cold months ahead.

    “That's our main job, is keeping power on, but being part of the community and helping the community is also part of that,” Manning said. 

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