Bikes gifted to Carolina family who lost everything to home fire

A little blue bike will make Christmas extra special

Bikes gifted to Carolina family who lost everything to home fire

A little blue bike was the first bike dropped off during on Tuesday during the “Bikes for Kids” event at Bank of America stadium.

It’s one of hundred donated that day, and thousands gifted to children over the years.

While we don’t know who to address this thank-you to, we do know this gift is special.

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On the day after Thanksgiving, Travis Reynolds came home from work early in the morning to find his home on fire.

“When I got there, I helped get all the other people in my unit out. I just watched,” Reynolds said.

His was one of more than a dozen families forced out of their South Charlotte apartment.

Reynolds lost everything.

He’s gotten the basics back through the generosity of others, but Christmas for his two adorable kids, Owen and Kaia, seemed lost.

Until yesterday morning.

Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers from the Westover Division delivered the blue bike to give to Owen, along with a pink one for his little sister, Kaia.

“They’re going to be really excited. My little daughter is the adventurous one out of the two. Anything her big brother can do, she thinks she can do as well.” Reynolds said.

The officers had more than bikes. They brought huge bags of gifts to the door of this very grateful dad.

For Kaia, the little pink bike is a gift she’s been waiting for.

“I got her a little tricycle, she was like, ‘I don’t want that. I want a real bike.’” Reynolds said with a smile.

The kids are staying with family in Florida right now.

That blue bike, as well as the pink one, will become the “real bike” will be under the tree.

To the person who dropped off the blue bike, and the pink one too, thank you.

Please know you gave a gift Reynolds is incredibly grateful for.

“My kids’ Christmas is back and that’s what matters to me,” he said.

WSOC-TV is proud to partner with Carolina Panthers, WBT Radio, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Northside Baptist Church, Crisis Assistance Ministry and Thompson Child and Family Focus for Hancock’s Bikes for Kids. It’s named after retired WBT personality John Hancock, who started the event 27 years and 20,000 bikes ago.

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