Charlotte firefighters rescue two children from apartment fire

Station 43 making remarkable impact

Charlotte Fire Department firefighters from station 43 rescued two children Tuesday from their apartment that was rapidly being consumed by fire. Today officials released the desperate 911 call one of the children made.

DISPATCHER: “Is everybody out of the apartment?”

CHILD: “No we’re inside of it.”

DISPATCHER: “OK, and the apartment is on fire?”

CHILD: “(Screaming) help this is awful.”

A chilling plea for help but a happy ending thanks to the quick response of the Charlotte Fire Department.

It was at about 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The two children were home alone when the fire started and an 11-year-old girl called 911. What followed was both harrowing and remarkable.

DISPATCHER: “OK, What’s going on?”

CHILD: “The house is on fire, help!”

You could feel the fear in 11-year-old Tyshayla’s voice. She was home alone with her six-year-old brother Hampton as the flames closed in.

DISPATCHER: “Is everybody out of the apartment?”

CHILD: “No! We’re inside of it.”

DISPATCHER: “Ok, and the apartment is on fire?”

CHILD: “(Screaming) Help it’s awful.”

By then, firefighters from fire station 43 on Clanton Road were on their way.

The dispatcher kept Tyshayla on the line and tried to keep her calm.

DISPATCHER: “Is the fire in the room with you or is it in a different room?”

CHILD: “No, it’s in a different room but it’s getting closer!”

DISPATCHER: “OK, We’ve got fire companies coming out there. I need you to stay on the phone with me.”

CHILD: “Please hurry up!”

It must have felt like hours but the first fire trucks were arriving at the apartment within several minutes.

CHILD: “I just saw them pass by us.”

DISPATCHER: “Hey, can you put something over your face? Put like a blanket or something over your face.”

CHILD: “(coughing).”

DISPATCHER: “Are the firemen talking to you? I need you to stay right down on the floor by the window. Stay by that window, OK?”

She and her brother were at the window a few minutes later when firefighters used a ladder to bring them to safety.

When it was over, Tyshayla held two thumbs up as she and her brother posed with the firefighters who rescued them. An image that says it all.

WSOC-TV reporter Mark Becker spoke briefly with their mother and she was clearly proud of what her daughter had done and thankful for the firefighters who came to their rescue.

The added benefit of having station 43 has already made a remarkable impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Since September 2020, Engine 43 has responded to 1,426 calls and 34 structure fire calls.

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