Cintas collects, inspects donated coats for Steve's Coats for Kids drive

Cintas collects, inspects donated coats for Steve?€™s Coats for Kids drive

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For the fourth year, Cintas collected the donated coats for Steve’s Coats for Kids Drive, led by Channel 9 chief meteorologist Steve Udelson.

Thousands of coats each year are accounted for and inspected by Cintas.

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“We pick them up from our collection sites,” said Amy Benson, with Cintas. “They come here. We go through the coats, inspect each coat.”

The inspections often leads to a lot more.

You may hear Channel 9 asking for "gently used" coats.

Some of the donations are more used than others and require extra attention.

“That's what we're designed to do here at Cintas,” Benson said.

“We're laundering them and then inspecting each individual coat for any defects that may need attention, like I said, buttons replaced, a hem that's come undone and needs attention,” said Chris Berg, with Cintas.

In 2018, Cintas processed 22,000 coats from Steve's Coats for Kids drive.

We're hoping to give them even more work this year.

“I think everyone can find a coat that's still in good use that they don't use anymore,” Berg said. “Just purge your closet and donate. Someone needs that coat.”

Some children need larger size coats, too, because some of them wear adult sizes.

Steve’s Coats for Kids is still taking donations. There are bins at Ashley Homestore locations, as well as Showmars, Hendrick Honda, ER Plumbing Services and at all Charlotte Fire Stations.

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