CMPD plays, works to build stronger Latino community relationships

The Fuzz is CMPD’s community soccer team

As college football took over the Queen City this weekend, the other football was being played out at Ramblewood Soccer Complex.

The Charlotte sports complex consists of eleven soccer fields, but one field had two teams with a shared goal of improving the community by building stronger relationships with Latinos.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department took on Selección de Charlotte.

CMPD’s team captain Lucas Veith said that for the past seven years, the team has been focused on goodwill.

“We’re working within the community, and side by side with the community on the soccer field,” Veith said. “The soccer field gives us a chance for folks to see that we’re just like them and they’re just like us. We’re doing something that we love and meeting their families.”

For Selección de Charlotte player Antonio Enamorado Garcia, he was eager to sign up to play the police and build those bridges of positivity.

“When I found out we were playing the police, I thought this was a good thing,” Garcia said. “Being here today again tells me that the police have good standing, good background with the Spanish community and that’s good.”

CMPD’s team, The Fuzz, lost the game 2-1 but won a few hearts along the way.

“We’re working together for the future,” said Cristian Cruz, a CMPD officer. “This brings us together.”

At the end of the game, the bond between the teams was clear. The group picture was full of smiles. This game was a win-win for everyone.

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