Cool treat for children, families with life-threatening conditions

For children with life-threatening conditions, visits to doctors’ offices, stays in the hospital, medical tests and treatments eclipse the simple surprises and delights of life.

This weekend, more than 350 kids with life-threatening conditions and their families were treated to Adventures in a Box and ice cream treats as part of A Kid Again Central Carolinas “Moo-vie” Night Adventure in a Box.

Families in the Charlotte area picked up their boxes on Sunday and received ice cream treats from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

With the “Moo-vie” in a Box, A Kid Again families received everything they needed for a fun movie night at home, including a coupon for two on-demand movie rentals, popcorn, movie candy and other fun treats.

“At A Kid Again, we are passionate about bringing hope, happiness and healing to kids with life-threatening conditions and their families,” said Ed Paat, A Kid Again Central Carolinas executive director. “We’re grateful to our supporters at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, SBM Life Sciences and the many volunteers who made this Adventure in a Box pickup come to life.”

Families who were unable to make the pickup parties had their Adventure in a Box shipped directly to their home.

The Central Carolinas Chapter of A Kid Again officially launched in March 2021 and to date has grown to serve more than 480 families across the Carolinas.

The chapter continues to look for more families to enroll. Families of children with life-threatening conditions can learn more about how to sign up and take advantage of A Kid Again’s ongoing, cost-free adventures at

The organization offers children with life-threatening conditions a chance to experience a day without doctors’ appointments and procedures.

A Kid Again is specifically designed to involve the entire family, not just the child who is ill, to improve the well-being of everyone affected by the situation.

Families who participate in A Kid Again give back as much as they receive by connecting with each other and sharing their own stories of strength and encouragement.

Year-round fun-filled adventures allow children with life-threatening conditions to feel like a kid again, and its program establishes ongoing, nurturing experiences that complement but do not overtake their day-to-day living.

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