• Family Focus: Students stay active while learning at one school in Charlotte

    By: Stephanie Maxwell


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Burning calories during class is a new trend hitting Winget Park Elementary School. It’s called action-based learning.

    “The bicycle I thought was the best because you didn’t always have to move around in it,” fourth-grader Caryna Cozaya said. “You just sit down, and you’re free to move your legs when you’re working.”

    It's one of five kinesthetic classrooms at the school outfitted with pedals, climbers and swivel pads. Students also challenge their balance by balancing on a Bosu ball while reading.

    According to Kids Fit, which makes the equipment, this action-based learning improves memory retention.

    Principal Jason Bissinger said activity like this gets students’ brains moving, and it’s good for their well-being.

    “It’s how our kids are learning. We’ve got to find a way to keep the attention of our students,” Bissinger said.

    Winget Park used physical education grant money to pay for the equipment. Students have only been using it since October, but it quickly became a big hit.

    “I tell them that it’s actually fun, and it’s more comfortable because the normal chairs hurt your back a lot,” fourth-grader Zaid Zeledon said.

    “With the chairs that we used to have, it was kind of actually boring just sitting there. Now that we have the equipment, it has changed a lot because we can exercise while we’re working,” Cozaya said.

    Sitting still in the classroom is not allowed. Bissinger said the movement is good for mental and physical health.

    “This is sort of the wave of the future. It’s what our students need,” he said.

    Kids Fit said classrooms in Burke and Chester counties also have the in-class exercise equipment.

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