Pharmacist’s bold move celebrates 5 years serving the community

Prince also created a foundation, which keeps services, medications affordable for patients.

Pharmacist’s bold move celebrates 5 years serving the community

Five years ago, Dr. Martez L. Prince made a bold move. The Florida A&M University graduate was working for Rite Aid Corp., but he was frustrated. He felt as if he couldn’t serve patients the way they needed to be served because the business was becoming more financially driven and less health care driven.

Four months later, his dreams were realized when the 29-year-old pharmacist opened Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center on Monroe Road.

Today, Premier Pharmacy is celebrating its 5th birthday.

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“We’re celebrating five years of service to our community and beyond. We look forward to providing greater health with innovative services and products that keep families safe and well,” Prince said.

Being in a convenient location to the Grier Heights community gives the pharmacy and its clients a greater opportunity to connect on a personal level.

“We are able to spend time educating the consumer and provide resources to help the underserved and for people who need extra attention,” he said.

In addition to the pharmacy, Premier offers an on-site clinic staffed with a family nurse practitioner who can diagnose and treat non-urgent matters, such as ear infections and allergy symptoms; perform basic health screenings, such as physicals; and provide immunizations and travel vaccines.

<p>Dr. Martez L. Prince of Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center</p>

Dr. Martez L. Prince of Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center

There’s also a retail shop that sells vitamin supplements, personal hygiene items, drinks and snacks.

Currently, Prince and his staff of nine employees serve more than 600 customers.

“I’m excited to provide such an all-inclusive service to the neighborhood,” Prince said.

Premier offers a membership program and discounted rates to help patients who can’t afford health insurance.

To help the community further, Prince created the Premier Foundation, which helps keep services and medications affordable for his patients.

The foundation also awards scholarships to local students who are excelling in school and helps host educational programs and events in the community, such as wellness fairs.

“Patients come here because they are family and not just because they need a service,” Prince said.

Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center is located at 3010 Monroe Road, Suite 101. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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