Sorority surpasses fundraising goal of 3,500 pounds of food

At the beginning of May, the Charlotte Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. launched a virtual fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina with a goal to collect $500.

After two weeks of collections and generous support from the community, the sorority exceeded its goal and was prompted to increase the amount to $2,000.

Donations have continued to roll in since. So far, it has collected $3,872.

For every $1 that the food bank receives, it distributes 7 pounds of food. This means in total, the equivalent of 27,101 pounds of food was collected.

For the past five years, the sorority has supported Second Harvest Food Bank by collecting hundreds of pounds of nonperishable food.

But this year, the sorority switched to an online approach.

“Because of the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing, we are forced to think of creative ways to fulfill our mission of serving the citizens of Charlotte,” said Melody Harris, president of the local chapter. “Virtual opportunities seem to be our new normal of getting things done.”

Second Harvest has expressed its need for funds to purchase healthy shelf-stable items for food boxes. These boxes will help feed families whose children are missing school meals, seniors being asked to stay safely in their homes, those in need of food and employees in our community being impacted by decreases in work hours.

“We are committed to addressing the critical needs of our communities and recognize that our efforts are urgently needed during this time,” Harris said.

With Second Harvest staff packing 2,500 boxes a week and an additional 10,000 boxes a week being packed by volunteers at the Charlotte Convention Center, the food bank is planning to pack and distribute tens of thousands of food boxes in the coming weeks.

Second Harvest has a donation program in place with different levels of giving. Donors can equate their monetary donation to what can be supplied by the food bank.

Here are some of the giving levels:

  • Donating $7 will help provide a food backpack for children missing school meals. ​
  • Donating $13 will help provide a food box of 12 to 13 healthy staple items.
  • Donating $25 will help provide a seven-day nutritionally balanced food box.

Food boxes are filled with a variety of items (e.g., peanut butter for protein, cereal, fruit and vegetables). Each box varies depending on what items the food bank can purchase.