Turning hope into a home

Turning hope into a home

Home equals hope is the driving message behind a Charlotte nonprofit’s mission to increase the availability of housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Through its Landlord Participation Program, the Lotus Campaign addresses the stigma attached to homeless people that hinders them from securing housing by identifying social service organizations and landlords in the private, for-profit real estate community.

This three-corner partnership is a unique approach to increasing access to affordable housing.

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While the landlords provide housing in exchange for an incentive, the organizations serving those in need, identify individuals who are ready for rental home placement. The Lotus Campaign facilitates the placement by providing financial support.

The Lotus Campaign is a recipient of the COVID-19 Response Fund grant of $30,000.

Within the next 60 days, the organization will use those funds to help place at least 30 people into housing units.

The COVID-19 Response Fund supports a range of nonprofits assisting the people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Importantly, this fund will help not just those who get sick, but also those who are economically impacted.

The Lotus Campaign is one of many organizations working to solve the affordable housing crisis in the Charlotte area.

Over the next month, Crisis Assistance Ministry expects an unprecedented emergency for our neighbors who have lost their jobs or had their work hours cut amid the crunching economic downturn, and due to the financial repercussions and disasters the virus has caused people.

Crisis Assistance Ministry provides assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency.

The combination of difficulties people have paying rent, mortgages, utility payments, spikes in foreclosures and evictions, asserting tenant's rights, homelessness, and a second wave of the coronavirus this winter will be a heavy weight on tens of thousands of families.

WSOC-TV has launched 9 Crisis Help. The funds collected will go directly to Crisis Assistance Ministry to help people pay essential bills.

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