United day of hope for mental health

For the second year in a row, NAMIWalks will be a little different — while making a lot of difference.

NAMIWalks’ second United Day of Hope of the year is coming on October 9.

NAMI, or the National Alliance on Mental Health, advocates at the county, state and national levels for non-discriminatory access to quality healthcare, housing, education and employment for people with mental illness.

Support your local community, your hometown, and maybe even the hometown of someone you love — it’s all possible this year.

Choose any number of walks (some are virtual, some offer in-person events), lace up your shoes, and join the best and the brightest mental health advocates in the country.

In 2021, NAMIWalks is still going to be done your way.

Along with its successful virtual option, NAMIWalks Your Way will be hosting an in-person event, in compliance with the local health department’s COVID-19 guidelines.

On the day of the event, NAMIWalks participants, mental health advocates, and NAMI partners will step up their strength and energy even further.

There are thousands of ways to reach a goal — and every way is yours. Together with you, NAMIWalks remains one of the top mental health walk series in the country.

Through the last 18 months, participants have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Whatever regulations are in place for event day, NAMIWalks participants have consistently found a way to reach their goal.

One in three U.S. adults reported experiencing depression or anxiety since the pandemic began.

NAMI’s programs and advocacy are needed more than ever, and with your help, we are pleased to present NAMIWalks Your Way on Saturday, October 9, 2021

NAMIWalks Your Way means putting one foot in front of the other, either in person or virtually.

Local participants in the Charlotte area will meet at Park Road Park 6220 Park Rd. from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

For those unable to attend and participate virtually, here are a few ideas to engage with NAMIWalks Charlotte.

  • Walk 7,000+ steps for a 5K your way.
  • Plan a craft day with your kids.
  • Hold a virtual bake-off with your  team
  • Practice self-care with a favorite hobby: yoga, gardening, knitting
  • Do a 5K on the treadmill or stationary bike.
  • Create a safe and socially distanced stroll in your neighborhood.

Participants can take photos and videos and share their activity on favorite social media with the link to their walk fundraising page and the hashtag #NotAlone.

Together, we can make a difference for people affected by mental illness.

The only limit of NAMIWalks Your Way is staying safe, healthy, and inspired.


If you have an inspiring story to share, email Kevin Campbell, public affairs manager at WSOC-TV/WAXN-TV/Telemundo Charlotte, at Kevin.Campbell@wsoctv.com.