• School supply donation will help local students in need

    By: Kevin Campbell


    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg area Communities in School, got a nice surprise this week when employees from Accenture donated school supplies that will be delivered to children in need here in the local community. 

    “One of our corporate priorities is to help support educational attainment and improvement in Charlotte,” Philip Poley, managing director at Accenture, said.

    Jane Sanders, development associate with Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, said donations like this will go a long way when school begins this year.

    “When a child comes into the classroom and doesn’t have the things that they need, they’re already set back,” Sanders said. “Coming into class with all the things they need allows that student to focus on being successful that day.”

    For the past 20 years, in partnership with Communities in Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Classroom Central, WSOC-TV collects school supplies, which are then distributed to students in grades K-12. These items play a big role in preparing students to be successful in the upcoming school year.

    “We’re a huge school district with so many children and a lot of those children and a lot of those children unfortunately have great needs, especially school supplies, Sanders said.  “Nine School Tools is a huge factor in helping our kids here in Charlotte to have what they need to be successful in school.”

    Poley sited a recent study by Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley study that looked at upward mobility for children born into lowest income. The report revealed that Charlotte-Mecklenburg ranked 50th out of 50 communities.

    Poley said, “Education is a key to helping economic mobility.”

    “Two packs of paper, a composition book or three folders really will make a difference for one of the children here in Charlotte.” Sanders said.  “It doesn’t take much. Our effort here wouldn’t be possible without individuals who want to come and make a small donation.”

    Along with the school supplies, about $1,100 was raised for Communities in Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  This qualified for a $500 matching grant from Accenture Corporate Citizenship, as well as a $250 match from Astrid Chirinos, chief development executive with the Latin American Economic Development Corporation.  

    From now until Aug. 26, you can donate school supplies at over 40 donation locations across the Carolinas.  You can find your nearest donation location by clicking on this link 9 School Tools Donation Locations.

    You can also donate school supplies at forty WSOC-TV 9 Family Focus partner locations: Showmars, Ashley HomeStoreHendrick Honda or E.R. Plumbing Services.

    Learn more about 9 School Tools at www.9SchoolTools.com

    If your organization or business would like to get involved or help with 9 School Tools or if you have an inspiring story to share, please email Kevin Campbell, community affairs manager for WSOC-TV, at Kevin.Campbell@wsoctv.com 

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