• The Gift Of A Coat


    Ja’Mya is a precocious 3 year old with an infectious smile.  Her enthusiasm fills the room as she tries on coat after coat looking for the perfect fit.  Her favorite color is blue, but she is looking for a “girly” blue that suits her sparkly personality.  Finally, the right one is zipped up and she strikes a pose for her spectators. 

    Ja’Mya’s mom is struggling to keep things together for her three children and was facing a choice between paying utility bills and getting new coats.  The gift of new coats means she knows her precious ones will stay warm this winter and she won’t fall behind on her bills either.  “I don’t have to worry about them being warm outside,” she says, “and there’s no way I could afford it without your help this year.” 

    Another reason to donate a new or gently used coat during Steve’s Coats For Kids. 

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