Happy National Candy Month!

June is National Candy Month! Zippia.com dug through Google Trends to find out each states favorite candy. Here are some interesting findings.

  • Starbursts, Skittles, and Hershey bars are beloved- 7 states each reach for these candies before anything else.
  • 33 states prefer a chocolate candy to a fruity one.
  • Not one state loves Mounds bars or peanut MMs the most.

Here is each state’s favorite candy:

Alabama - Mr. Goodbar

Alaska - Almond Joy

Arizon -a Starburst

Arkansas - Mars

California - Starburst

Colorado - Hershey bar

Connecticut - Hershey bar

Delaware - Twix

Florida - Skittles

Georgia - Skittles

Hawaii - Hershey bar

Idaho - Mr. Goodbar

Illinois - Hershey bar

Indiana - Hershey bar

Iowa - Butterfinger

Kansas - Three Musketeers

Kentucky - Milky Way

Louisiana - Payday

Maine - Milky Way

Maryland - Crunch

Massachusetts - Milky Way

Michigan - Mr. Goodbar

Minnesota - Twix

Mississippi - Three Musketeers

Missouri - Twix

Montana - Baby Ruth

Nebraska - Skittles

Nevada - MM’s

New Hampshire - Heath bar

New Jersey - Starburst

New Mexico - Skittles

New York - Sour Patch Kids

North Carolina - Hershey bar

North Dakota - Kit Kat

Ohio - Starburst

Oklahoma - Starburst

Oregon - Starburst

Pennsylvania - Milky Way

Rhode Island - Sour Patch Kids

South Carolina - Starburst

South Dakota - Snickers

Tennessee - Mars

Texas - Skittles

Utah - One Hundred Grand Bar

Vermont - Skittles

Virginia - Skittles

Washington - Twix

West Virginia - Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Wisconsin - Twix

Wyoming - Almond Joy

I know it won’t help you fit into your swimsuit for summer, but enjoy!

Don’t forget to make a dentist’s appointment while you’re at it!

-- Doug O’Brien