• 42K Residents File Revaluation Appeal In Mecklenburg Co.

    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C.,None - Thousands of residents in Mecklenburg County are looking to save on the amount of taxes they pay on their homes.

    Around 1,500 people have received a letter during their appeal process that has some concerned their appeal will be dropped.

    Like thousands of other residents in Charlotte, Trace Gouws wants her property re-evaluated.

    WATCH: 42K Residents File Revaluation Appeal In Mecklenburg Co.

    The county said her house in Ballantyne is worth $900,000, but she thinks its $840,000.

    "I didn't ask for a lot. I just want it to be right," she said.

    Gouws filled out the necessary paper work and tracked down similar houses in her area to see what they sold for.

    She thinks her adjustment would save her a few hundred dollars each year.

    Last week, she received a letter which said, "Failure to appear at the time scheduled without notifying the clerk or the board may result in dismissal of your appeal."

    "There are probably a lot of people in the county that are going to get their letter and are going to be just as frustrated as I am, especially when they have a legitimate appeal." Gouws said.

    Gouws is one of 355,000 in Mecklenburg County who received a notice at the beginning of the year that their property would be re-evaluated.

    Of those, 42,000 filed an appeal. So far, 14 have been denied.

    Those people could appear again in front of another board.

    About 1,500 residents did that and received the same letter that has Gouws confused and concerned her claim may not be approved.

    The clerk of Mecklenburg County of Equalization and Review told Channel 9 that not showing up does not necessarily mean your appeal will be dismissed.

    He said as long as the paperwork is filled out correctly, which he said Gouws' paperwork is, it will go before the board of review for a decision.

    However, he said it is in the homeowner's best interest to be there in case the board has any questions.

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