• Action 9: BBB continues to receive complaints on towing company

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte towing company that's been on WSOC's and the Better Business Bureau's radars for years is rubbing the BBB the wrong way again. 
    The BBB gives Mathis Towing an "F" rating and counted 21 complaints against the business in three years.  The BBB even lists it among its "Dirty Dozen," the 12 businesses with the most unresolved complaints last year.
    One customer, Charlie Reddy, reported Mathis to the BBB.  He said he was helping his stepdaughter move and they were taking a break.  When they went back to their U-Haul, he says, Mathis was pulling away with their U-Haul and her belongings on board.  "Unbelievable, I just can't believe it, you know, what I'm seeing," he said.
    He says he had to spend $500 to get the truck and her possessions back.
    "It was just wrong. Just felt violated, you know," he said.
    WSOC's had complaints about Mathis before.
    In 2010, a viewer claimed Mathis ruined his bumper.  Action 9 got Mathis to pick up the tab.  In 2011, a woman told Eyewitness News Mathis was breaking the law, refusing to take credit cards.
    Fast forward to now and Action 9 went back to Mathis to get its side of the story.  One of the owners told Action 9 she appreciated the chance to talk, but wasn't interested in discussing the situation. 
    Still, know your rights.  New Charlotte city rules went into effect a few years ago. 
    They say tow companies must:
    ·         Post clear warnings
    ·         Accept credit cards
    ·         Let you have your vehicle back if they haven't towed it yet
    ·         Have someone to retrieve your vehicle for you 24-7.
    The companies can't charge:
    ·         More than $120 for smaller vehicles
    ·         More than $500 for larger ones
    ·         Hidden fees
    ·         To get your belongings out of the vehicle
    ·         To store your vehicle for the first 24 hours
    ·         More than $15 to store your vehicle per day
    To read the full towing ordinance for yourself, click here.

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